Transactional Services in NoSQL Big Data Systems

By Dr. Muhammad Younas, Oxford Brookes University, UK.

Dr. Muhammad Younas
Oxford Brookes University, UK

Data storage and processing needs of modern online services, such as social networks, online shopping, data analytics and visualization, have necessitated new kind of storage systems, called NoSQL systems. Such systems are generally deployed across a number of cloud computing nodes in order to store and process big data — a data of high order of magnitude, which is characterized by various properties such as Volume, Variety and Velocity or the 3Vs model. NoSQL systems use new techniques that support parallel processing and replication of data across multiple cloud computing nodes in order to provide high efficiency and availability of data. They have increasingly been used in large scale applications (such as online social media, online reviews, data analytics, etc.) that need high availability and efficiency but they lack support for ensuring stronger data consistency. This talk will explore research issues related to NoSQL systems and big data. It will also present new methods and models which are developed for incorporating transactional services in NoSQL systems in order to ensure stronger data consistency.


Dr. Muhammad Younas is a Senior Lecturer in Computing at the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics of Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK. He has obtained PhD in Computer Science from the University of Sheffield, UK. He has significant experience of research in the areas of cloud computing, big data, web technologies, and services computing. He has published more than 170 papers in international journals, conferences, workshops and books. His work is published and/or cited in top ranked Computer Science journals and conferences such as IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics; IEEE Computer; Data and Knowledge Engineering; ACM SIGIR; IEEE ICWS; IEEE Cloud; IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering; ACM Transactions on Information Systems; IEEE Transactions on Computers; ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of data; Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment; IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering; and others. He has also delivered keynote talks at various international conferences and symposia. He is also on the reviewers’ panel of international funding councils such as Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK, Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France, The Royal Society, UK, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Canada. He is on the editorial board of various international journals. He has served as a chair of highly reputed international conferences such as IEEE ICWS, IEEE SCC, IEEE AINA, IEEE FiCloud, and IEEE BigDataService among others. He has also served on a large number of technical program committees of international conferences. He is the member of IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Technical Committee on the Internet, IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society, and IEEE Technical Committee on Services Computing.

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