Recent advances in energy storage technologies for higher power and large scale applications

By Prof. Dominique Guyomard, Institut des Materiaux Jean Rouxel at Nantes, France.

Prof. Dominique Guyomard
Institut des Materiaux Jean Rouxel at Nantes, France

After a short review of present developments in the field of advanced energy storage technologies, we report some recent progress in the field of high power Li-ion capacitors and aqueous organic sustainable batteries for low-cost stationary applications.
We have designed an innovative method for pre-lithiation of lithium-ion capacitors to balance the first charge irreversibility. In the composite positive electrode that integrates pyrene monomers and insoluble Li3PO4, we show that a cascade-type process occurs involving two consecutive irreversible reactions: i) oxidative electropolymerization of pyrene to release electrons and protons, and ii) proton capture by Li3PO4 to release Li+ into the electrolyte. Full cells integrating a cheap carbon black based negative electrode, show much-improved capacity and excellent stability over 2200 cycles at 1 A g-1.
We focus on low cost aqueous organic batteries as a new promising technology for the storage of renewable energy sources. Our newly designed mixed p- and n-type bi-block oligomer negative electrodes demonstrate optimal potential, extremely fast kinetics and highly competitive capacity and cyclability in both neutral aqueous Na and Mg electrolytes, including ocean water. They lead to our first generation of full aqueous organic pouch cell prototypes
with millimeter thick electrodes with promising performance.
D. Guyomard1, B. Anothumakkool1, S. Perticarari1, S. Wiemers-Meyer2, M. Winter2, T. Brousse1, Y. Pellegrin3, F. Odobel3, P. Poizot1, J. Gaubicher1,
(1) Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (IMN), CNRS-Univ. Nantes, France
(2) MEET Battery Research Center, University of Münster, Germany
(3) CEISAM, CNRS-Univ. Nantes, France


Dominique Guyomard is the head of the Electrochemical Energy Storage and Transformation Lab at the Institut des Materiaux Jean Rouxel at Nantes (France), gathering activities on rechargeable batteries, supercapacitors, and high-temperature fuels cells and electrolysers. His main purpose is to connect academic research and industrial
developments in the field of energy storage, with innovative and comprehensive research applied to the fields of high energy Li-ion, Li metal polymer, and organic batteries, in collaboration with industrial companies. He received the 2007 IBA Research Award, a 2008 French Academy of Science Award, the 2010 ECS Battery Division Research Award, and the 2016 ECS Battery Division Technology Award. He is co-inventor of 34 patents and co-author of 400 articles including 255 peer-reviewed papers.