Special session3: Harnessing Local Resources for sustainable development

The current growing social awareness of global climate change has created a need for more sustainable development technologies and innovations for environment preservation. Ongoing research efforts are focusing on cross-cutting applicability relevant to chemical reactions and processes in order to come up with new breakthrough solutions. Special attention is given to Harnessing Local Resources for sustainable development technologies. We will present some examples concerning the use of Argan fruits shell (agriculture wastes) for the production of electrodes for supercapacitor and local clays for obtaining air pollution filters and catalysts for methane reforming with CO2 considered both major greenhouse gases.

Invited Talk(s):

Some examples of using local resources in adsorption and catalytic processes involved in sustainable development technologies
by Prof. Tarik Chafik
Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Tangier, Morocco.
Session Convener, Invited Speaker
Few examples in valorizing natural local resources in electrochemical storage
by Dr. Fouad-Ghamouss
University of Tours, France.
Invited Speaker

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