Special Session 5: Metal hydrides’ Energy

Metallic hydrides are multi-functional materials associated to a multitude of applications, such as solid-state hydrogen storage, batteries, heat storage, hydrogen sensors and photochromic devices. For the sake of optimization of their properties and functionalities, this parallel session gathering international scientists aims at presenting the recent advances in the field of hydride materials for energy storage and conversion. The addressed topics move from fundamental aspects to technological challenges for safer hydrogen storage, high capacity electrodes (e.g. MgH2, 2037 mAh.g-1) and Li/Na solid-state battery electrolytes with high ionic conductivities. This will include advanced characterization studies, such as operando/in-situ X-ray scattering, electrochemical data analysis, thermodynamics, reactions kinetics and ionic/electronic properties determination, combined with theoretical calculations and simulation methodologies. In addition, the recent implication of borohydrides in all-solid-state batteries will be one of the hot topics under discussion with special emphasis on compatibility issues, interfaces, heterostructuring and mechanical properties. Hydrogen storage technologies and hydrogen in metallic-based compounds will be some of the main applications and historical themes to be discussed.
The special session SS5 will cover, but not limited to, the following topics:
• Hydrides for Li-ion battery electrodes and solid-state electrolytes
• Design and development of solid-state hydrogen models/heat storage systems
• Hydrides structural analysis, reactivity and thermodynamics
• Computational studies of hydride materials.


Accepted papers will be submitted to IEEE for potential inclusion in IEEE Xplore. After the conference, authors of selected papers will be invited to prepare the extended version to high-scored journal (International Journal of Hydrogen Energy – Elsevier):

Impact Factor: 4.08

Principal Guest Editor: Dr. Abdel El Kharbachi, Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU), Germany
Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. Bjørn Hauback, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies will be considered.


Optimization of metal hydride anodes and LiBH4 -based electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium ion batteries
By Dr. Abdelouahab El Kharbachi
Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU), Germany
(Session Convener and Invited Speaker)
Metal hydrides for H2 storage, heat storage, and anode for Li-ion batteries
By Prof. Takayuki Ichikawa
Hiroshima University, Japan
(Keynote Speaker)
Metal Hydrides as Hydrogen Carriers
By Prof. Marcello Baricco
Department of Chemistry and NIS, University of Torino, Italy
(Keynote Speaker)
Hydrogen storage properties of Mn and Cu substituted TiFe intermetallic compounds
By Dr. Erika Michela Dematteis
Researcher at CNRS, Thiais, France
(Invited Speaker)
Dynamics and Structural Evolution in a Solid-state Mg-ion Conductor
By Dr. Michael Heere
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Eggenstein, Germany.
(Invited Speaker)
Metal-Organic Frameworks: Templates, Supports, and Surface Functionalisation of Pd Nanoclusters
By Dr. Petra Ágota Szilágyi
Queen Mary University of London, School of Materials Science and Engineering.
(Invited Speaker)
A set-up for thermodynamic data for hydride materials by high-T mass spectrometry coupled with ball milling
By Dr Ioana Nuta
Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France.
(Invited Speaker)
Multi-Principal-Element Alloys based on refractory elements for hydrogen storage
By Dr Claudia Zlotea
Institut de Chimie et des Matériaux Paris Est, CNRS-UPEC, France.
(Invited Speaker)

Scientific advisory committee

Prof. Dr. Bjørn Hauback, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway
Prof. Dr. Marcello Baricco, University of Torino, Italy

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