Some examples of using local resources in adsorption and catalytic processes involved in sustainable development technologies

Prof. Tarik Chafik
Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Tangier, Morocco

By Prof. Tarik Chafik, Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Tangier, Morocco.
The current growing social awareness about environmental problems regarding global climate change has created a need for more sustainable development technologies and innovations for environment preservation. Ongoing research efforts are focusing on cross-cutting applicability relevant to chemical-to-chemical reactions and processes in order to come up with new breakthrough solutions. Special attention is given to the development of efficient adsorbent and catalysts involving non-noble metal material taking advantage of available resources such as biomass and clays minerals with respect to their physicochemical and textural properties.
We demonstrated the interesting intrinsic catalytic performances of clays toward complete oxidation of air pollutants such as CO and Volatile Organic Compounds as well as syngas production through dry methane reforming with CO2, considered both as a constituent of biogas and major greenhouse gases contained in biogas. Furthermore, we highlighted innovative aspect associated with the easy extrusion of clays based catalyst and related advantages over conventional packed bed reactors allowing not only reducing pressure drop but also preventing hot spots/cool zones within the reactor. This is beneficial with respect to heat transfer in case of energy sensitive reactions and could be of interest with respect to dry reforming of methane.


Tarik Chafik is currently full Professor, Research Director and Master courses coordinator at the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Tangier (Morocco), where he is teaching Thermodynamic, Chemical engineering, catalysis and atmospheric pollution control. He graduated from the University of Lyon than he was Post-doc researcher at University of Patras (Greece) and he worked for 2 years at AIST, Tsukuba Japan. He was awarded as Fulbright visiting researcher at University California Berkeley (with Prof. A. T. Bell) and visiting Professor positions at Alma Mater University of Bologna as well as at the University of Lille. Prof. T. Chafik’s research is focused on sustainable development technologies such as those involving adsorbents and catalysts for VOC removal and methane reforming as well as nanomaterials for winds turbine lubricant additive and nanoporous carbon for energy storage.