Computational Intelligence for Visualization of the Covid-19 Monitoring and Prediction: Indonesia Case

Prof. Teddy Mantoro
Prof. Teddy Mantoro
Sampoerna University
Jakarta, Indonesia

By Prof. Teddy Mantoro, Sampoerna University,Jakarta, Indonesia &
Chair of Computational Intelligence Society – IEEE Indonesia Chapter.

The world is experiencing a deadly disease caused by Covid-19, including Indonesia. This talk presents several models which have been proposed for monitoring and prediction for spread of the disease using Computational Intelligence, such as SIR (susceptible-infected-recovered) model, the variances of SEIR (susceptible-exposed-infecteous-recovered) model and variances of machine learning (using Deep learning and SVR). As the experimental results, the data visualizations were used in providing maps of: a. the risk of Covid-19 from 514 Districts in Indonesia, b. mapping of daily mobility of people under supervision (ODP) and patient under observation (PDP) of Covid-19, and c. monitoring and prediction for spread of the disease in epicentrum of Covid-19 in 5 biggest islands in Indonesia.


Teddy Mantoro is a Computer Science Professor in Sampoerna University, Jakarta. He has intensive work in Intelligent Environment (IE) research area. He developed the concept and theory of context-aware computing for intelligent environment, and as a proof of concept of his works, he has developed many of IE prototypes including a ‘plug and play’ Smart Home, HajjLocator (An Interactive Monitoring and Tracking System for Hajj Pilgrims), Rich Information Delivery Using Smart Posters, User Activity Recognition Using Hybrid Sensors, Online Authentication Using Smart Card and NFC, a Real Time Speech News Service for Smart Environment, Visualization and User Navigation in 3D Walk-spaces for Mobile User which lead to many awards that he received from National and International Competitions and Exhibitions. He received 5 Gold, 9 Silver and 11 Bronze Medals (2009-2016) for National and International IT Innovation Competitions. He published 180+ papers (153 papers in Scopus with h-index=11). He has filed 4 (four) patents in credit to his name. He has received 20+ research grants to date.
Prof. Mantoro obtained a PhD, an MSc and a BSc, all in Computer Science and his PhD was awarded from School of Computer Science, the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and currently the chair of Computational Intelligence Society – IEEE Indonesia Chapter. His research interest is in intelligent environment research area which includes pervasive/ubiquitous computing, context-aware computing, wireless sensor network, mobile computing, and information security.